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LLamaCon 2020
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  • AI-Driven Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Leaders, AI-powered enterprise decision making is here. Gain a better understanding of how AI capabilities can accelerate your digital journey through the AI-Driven Supply Chain Track. AI is a powerful tool for breaking down functional silos, improving agility,...

    • Risk & Resilience as a Competitive Advantage

      The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed systemic challenges across global supply chains, leaving multi-national enterprises to seek a path forward in uncharted territories. As leading companies work to restore and adapt their operations amid continued uncertainty, they increasingly look to new...

      • New Demand Outlook

        Forward-looking organizations realize they can reinvent how they plan for customer demand with the latest AI technologies and outside-in data. This year has proven that rearview mirror methods using internal, historical data alone don’t work as they rely on the...

        • Data & Decisioning in Supply Chain

          Advanced analytics are all the rage! As disruptions such as COVID-19 highlight the need to harness the power of external data to better manage supply chains, organizations are ramping up their analytics programs. As the variety, velocity, and granularity of...